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We are watching radio. Really. But it's a secret. Psssst.... don't tell anyone.

We Are 3Ribe
Making Your Brand Shine

We create experiences that transform radio stations, paint the brands
and make people’s lives better. Powerful ideas with the brain, guts and heart. Sometimes with a little bit of cahones.

Unlock YOUR Creativity
Ideas With Soul

We can help you! Not just with giving you proven ideas that work (we’ll do that on short them basis when we have to get station on air fast), but with helping YOU and YOUR EAM discover how creative you truly are. Building understanding vs. doing short fixes.

Get Inspired
Be Cool Nerd. Watch, Listen, Read.

From Morning show, sales promotions to marketing stuff – we are your shortcut to the last, best and the next. From proven stuff to experimental features – we want to put you right where your audience is! It is not just about old-fashioned radio. We are talking about video, social and online. As we said... we are watching radio.

Be Different & Matter
Your Brand needs unique voice that will position you on market.

Just playing music is not enough. These days everyone is doing the research, and they all know what songs should and what shouldn’t be played. Long lasting trick to success is becoming someone that creates meaning and belonging. And it is part of everything you do. Our long term effort is always put in helping you build brand that will over time outdo the competition.

Just Be Radio.
Easy, fun and just interesting...

Interesting to listen!

If you hire us you will...

... have a chance to see how cups and cups of coffee are vanishing. Well, it's just part of process. And, it should be noted, whenever we are drinking coffee, actually we're working. Well, this supposed to be secret secret. Damn!

Coffee lovers


Fast Food addiction


Accidental ideas




What We Do
to help you

Data is new oil

It's easy to see what's wrong around us but mostly we're not aware of our own mistakes. Good analyze can give you objective view and make your focus much clearer. Music, content, presentation, production, structure, balance... Don't try that at home. We're professional jugglers.

1000 'no' for every 'yes'

It can be financial, desired market share or something else. Maybe your target is only part of audience: rock lovers or those with greater purchasing power. Business, agencies, clients.... wow. We can help you to find your own objectives, focuses and advantages.

Ideas as a solutions

There is idea and there is inspiration. Combine it and mix that with program needs and listeners wishes. Don't forget financial item or team skills. Take all that in front of you and try to solve puzzles. We love moments whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed.

Training Camp
DJ whisperers

Directors, Dj's, producers, audio producers, news presenters, editors, social managers, sales... even bus drivers... everybody's got potential to be better with structured feedback.

Audio Production
Package with a bow

How does your brand sound like? That's our job. Tone by tone, note by note. Everything counts and everything's matter. And not just that. We will teach you how to use powerfull toys.

Hm... Hm... Hmmmm

We're not quite artists in painkiller domain but we will find solution for your headache. Simple pill will help. And we have it. Cause, in our business headache is normal.

What People
Say About Us

3Ribe are worthy ambassadors for the radio industry who share our passion to make great radio!


What People
Say About Us

Goldfishes do exists. 2 of them are called 3Fish (3Ribe) and they will help make your radio dreams come true.

DAVID IRGOLIC, Hit Radio Center, Slovenia

What People
Say About Us

I have been extremely impressed with 3Ribe. It is a pleasure working with highly creative and inovative team.


Our Small Team with Big Ideas

Juraj Hrvačić Jr.

Explorer. Love me, hate me – either way you’re thinking of me. I will read everything. I will hear everything. I just need time to sort it out. I am who i am and your approval isn’t needed.

Goran Kurjak
Suspicious Fisherman

Listener. It’s really hard to listen and to hear everything. To remember. Sometimes i feel quite intelligent. Other times i have to sing ‘A, B, C’ in my head to remember which letter comes next.

3rd Fish

This one is…. well…. don’t know what to say. Sometimes we just eat this one. Sometimes we just let her go… of course, because of wish. It’s golden fish.




Production elements





Never take radio microphone for granted. If i ever do that i will know it's time for me to leave.

Chris Evans

A Perfect Design is Passion, Dedication, and a lots of Coffee


Shit happens

Zoran Milanovic

We Are 3Ribe
These are shining brands

Audio branding
Audio imaging
Full service



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to the man in the moon

"I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring."

David Bowie

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