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How people use feedback to make you do their job
10. April. 2016

Feedback for the sake of feedback is pointless. This is agreeable. Day after day, giving same feedback, without no change whatsoever — if that is not pointless, I don’t know what is. I don’t have time for that. …

Dear radio moderator, please read this
07. April. 2016

I am listener. I am important. Without me you are nothing. Zero. If you talk about things that I don’t care about, you are gone. I have other choices. Too many options, to be honest. There are so …

Is there ‘Best before’ date for promo spot?
03. April. 2016

When you buy a milk there is a ‘best before’ date. After that day, your coffee may have the weird taste of sourness on the way to become yoghurt. Delicious. What about good promo spot? Or any other …

To be great broadcaster (or anyting actually) you need to do stuff that makes you uncomfortable!
28. April. 2016

No matter if you are program director, moderator or producer — if you want to be great in your job, you need to get used to doing things that make you uncomfortable. When you are doing that you …

Mistakes radio stations do on social media platforms : not being native!

Instead of creating content that fits, we tend to re-purpose content already made for on air. Or we create one piece of content and we share it on all networks. Both things really don’t work. What is native …

5 questions about public radio
24. October. 2015

Why and who needs public service? What do u like or, more important, what u don’t like? Maybe, this video makes you think a little bit.

Docu: I Am What I Play
01. October. 2015

The rock radio DJ once played an unprecedented creative role in the rock music world. ”I Am What I Play” profiles four DJs in major markets: their programming, their politics, and their deep connections with musicians and fans …

Za one kreativne ovo je ”must see”: Everything Is A Remix
09. September. 2015

Kao što i sam naslov kaže: Ovo je apsolutni ”must see” za sve one koji su imalo kreativni. Kirby Ferguson istražuje prirodu kreativnosti. I to ne samo u umjetnosti i glazbi već i u businessu. Svojim pristupom pokazuje …

TED: Knjige koje će vas ili nekoga razveseliti
18. August. 2015

Kao i svake godine izbaci popis knjiga koje bi trebali pročitati. Ako je vjerovati Denzelu Washingtonu koji u filmu ”The Equilizer” kaže kako bi svaki čovjek u svom životu trebao pročitati 100 knjiga, ovaj popis će definitivno …