No matter if you are program director, moderator or producer — if you want to be great in your job, you need to get used to doing things that make you uncomfortable.

When you are doing that you are expanding your comfort zone. Trying something new. Challenging status quo. Asking big question — why not?

It is easy…

…to revert to the ways something was always done
…to find reasons not to do anything (it takes 1% of energy of actually doing something)
…to follow others in easy path
…to succumb to fear of being different

But, there is this little secret — most of the things you don’t feel like doing are not really that hard. They are just unknown or distant. And when you do them, most of the time nothing bad happens. You might fail, but so what.

Doing that stuff you are uncomfortable becomes liberating. It empowers you.

After all — in retrospect there are so many things you thought you will never be able to do — but when you tried, even if you failed, world didn’t stop spinning. However, when you did succeed you felt great.

By my own experience, over 90% of people want to be told what to do. And they don’t really want to think about anything. Tell me and I will execute. You don’t want to be those people.

Just by choosing to understand what something means and working smart you can get into top 5% of your industry.

When you understand what it is all about and want to do the uncomfortable stuff — you can get to top 2%. Because even those who understand are most of the time not willing to do stuff that they perceive as uncomfortable.

You can be biggest talent, want to work like mule and be really diligent — but that will will only make you reliable and good.

All that without courage to try something new and willingness to change yourself before you need to change you will not become great.

That is difference between being good role player and star. Between someone who is nice to have in team, and someone who is must have in team.

P.S. What about top 1%? Well for that you need to outsmart and outwork everyone. There is no hack that will put you to top 1%. And while to get to 2% you need to understand the system, to get into 1% you need to develop system.

P.S. For me writing is one those things. I dread someone who is native English speaker reading this. But still, if I don’t publish, I won’t get better. Hopefully.